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 +====== Windows Update Command Line ======
 +Now, if you try typing the following command in an Administrator command prompt on Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016, nothing will happen - ''wuauclt /detectnow''
 +Now, in order to force check Windows Update, follow the below instructions -
 +  - Open a Command Prompt with Administrator privileges.
 +  - Type in ''usoclient StartScan''
 +  - You will see that Windows Update in Settings.exe will start refreshing
 +Note: USOClient.exe is located in C:\Windows\System32
 +This will also force the client to report its status to the WSUS server (if configured).
 +On using Sysinternal's ''Strings'' on ''UsoClient.exe'', I found that there are more switches which can be used -
 +  * StartScan Used To Start Scan
 +  * StartDownload Used to Start Download of Patches
 +  * StartInstall Used to Install Downloaded Patches
 +  * RefreshSettings Refresh Settings if any changes were made
 +  * StartInteractiveScan May ask for user input and/or open dialogues to show progress or report errors
 +  * RestartDevice Restart device to finish installation of updates
 +  * ScanInstallWait Combined Scan Download Install
 +  * ResumeUpdate Resume Update Installation On Boot
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